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The digital advertising world is in a constant state of evolution. How businesses used to buy ads was lengthy and complicated and often required many manual steps. That’s where programmatic advertising comes in. This digital-based advertising has transformed the way people buy and sell ads online. Programmatic digital advertising is data-led marketing that allows marketing professionals to […]

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Today’s consumers are bombarded with information every day. Their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops constantly ring, bing, chirp, or ding for attention.  As a result, they’ve gotten really good at ignoring ads that aren’t hyper-relevant. Marketers must be increasingly strategic about their digital advertising campaigns.  You could have an absolutely glorious ad, but it will […]

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Marketers that rely heavily on third-party cookies for their paid search and programmatic advertising are about to hit a major roadblock. Until recently, advertisers had access to valuable third-party data and targeting options from giants like Google and Apple. Over the years, these companies have gathered massive amounts of consumer data worldwide—and companies everywhere have […]

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