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Optimize Marketing Campaigns and Build Success with Expert Analytics & Reporting

The skilled analysts at Aria Agency have more than a decade of specialized experience turning data into insights that boost campaign performance and increase ROI.

We provide a centralized analytics and call tracking platform, expert guidance, and a comprehensive marketing plan to optimize your campaign performance and marketing spend.

This platform allows us to capture, analyze, and leverage sophisticated datasets, to continually  improve campaign performance and develop better ways to attract high-quality leads.

Whether you're an experienced data-based marketer or a newbie, our team will work alongside you to interpret the data, make recommendations, and guide you toward campaign success.

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24-Hour Access to Reporting Data

Our reporting platform continuously informs us (and you) which campaigns and tactics are over- or under-performing. It also highlights how digital consumers experience and engage with your brand across your organic and paid channels (e.g., Google, Bing, Facebook, programmatic, local SEO, traditional advertising, email campaigns, and more).

Our executive analysts will also

  • Monitor your KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Customize your dashboard based on what’s most important to your marketing goals:
    • Ad spend
    • Cost-per-impression
    • Cost-per-click
    • Cost-per-acquisition
    • Keyword performance
    • Web traffic (organic and paid)
  • Manage, test, optimize, and analyze your marketing campaigns—regularly—to ensure you maintain an optimal budget and target the best keywords for your business
Get the actionable consumer data you need to Maximize your marketing dollars
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Use Recorded Inbound Calls for Staff Training

With this system, you can access and listen to calls resulting from your campaigns. These calls can support

  • Sales training and re-training initiatives
  • Trend-spotting (e.g., when people call the most, what services they’re searching for, and potential sales roadblocks)
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We Keep Your Team Up-to-Date on Campaign Success

When you partner with Aria Agency, you’ll have regular reporting and team calls to review relevant data, recommendations, and insights at your fingertips via

  • Monthly reporting
  • Regular video conferences
  • Quarterly or periodic strategy meetings
  • Training (when appropriate)

This data lets you see firsthand how we’re shifting to improve your campaigns and meet your KPIs.

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Aria Agency Works Tirelessly Continually Improve and Optimize Your Campaigns

The best-performing marketing campaigns are always being tweaked, updated, and altered.

These consistent incremental changes and improvements are what make them so successful.

The digital experts at Aria Agency are dedicated to continual campaign improvement—so you’re not wasting time or money on things that just aren’t working.

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