Leadership Bios

Aria Health Agency Leadership

Stewart Gandolf

Stewart Gandolf, MBA, CEO of the Aria Health Agency, makes sure the Aria team is all playing from the same sheet of music. The co-founder, CEO and creative director of Healthcare Success, Stewart has personally marketed and consulted with more than 1,500 healthcare clients, including major hospital systems, multi-billion dollar corporations, and numerous private medical practices. Stewart is a seasoned performer, frequently speaking to packed houses on healthcare marketing topics. He also plays a mean lead guitar.

Darlene Dobry

Darlene Dobry leverages her 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry to provide direction and insight to Aria’s efforts. Formerly managing partner and president with Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, she has also held high-level executive positions with Torre Lazur McCann and Reliant Pharmaceuticals. Darlene has worked across nearly every therapeutic category and has launched an impressive roster of brands in the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and device industries. Her expertise includes strategic planning, market shaping, branding, multichannel marketing, global marketing, medical education, patient advocacy and corporate strategy and communications.

Lynn Nye

Lynn Nye is the founder of Medical Minds, Inc., where she has served as agency president for more than 20 years. Lynn has been on staff at major teaching hospitals in London, England and served as worldwide marketing manager at Corning Medical and managing director at BioGenesis/Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare West and Helix Medical Communications. She has directed dozens of national and international promotional and educational initiatives for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and device companies and has collaborated with key opinion leaders in almost every therapeutic category.

Rob Gordon

Rob Gordon has more than 30 years of wide-ranging experience in healthcare marketing strategy, project implementation, copy creation and content development. Rob has been a product manager, agency executive, hospital executive, marketing consultant and copywriter. He has worked in biotech, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical devices. He co-founded HealthStart, New Jersey’s first hospital relationship marketing program, and developed the North Jersey Diabetes Institute and other healthcare marketing programs.