Specialized Services & Program Offerings for Providers

Improving Your Performance with Providers

The Aria team has been striking the right chord with provider audiences for decades. We have an unmatched understanding of how healthcare practitioners think because we have in-depth connections to them, face-to-face experience with them, and direct knowledge of them.

Led by veteran healthcare marketing executive Stewart Gandolf, we have marketed dozens of scientifically-based products—in pharma, biotech, genomics and medical devices—to vast numbers of HCPs over the years. And we have promoted practices large and small in myriad medical and surgical categories.

Stewart, for one, has built successful relationships with more than 5,000 practitioners in his 30+ years as a marketer.

  • We speak to, present to, and personally consult with healthcare professionals across the country, week after week, year after year.
  • We work daily and directly with HCPs, solving their own business and practice-focused challenges
  • We understand them because we know them, and they know us.

Here are some of the specialized programs that can help you create the crucial connections you need with HCPs.

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Surround Sound™ Omni-Channel Engagement

Aria creates customized programs to help you address:

  • Increasing numbers of “no-see” physicians
  • HCPs’ limited availability for personal contact and desire for “on-demand” content
  • The growing role of office staff and allied health professionals
  • Optimizing the investment of your sales force

Aria’s Surround Sound program leverages our team’s deep understanding of the physician mindset. We use multiple channels to drive an extraordinary level of HCP engagement beyond the sales rep.

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Provider Relationship Management

Aria has created a turnkey approach to PRM that will dramatically expand your provider relationships. Our innovative program:

  • Provides critical content
  • Enhances practices and patient care
  • Helps your brand demonstrate commitment and deliver value

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Chime In™ Digital Platforms

We ensure your online strategies work together synergistically to drive response across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Aria is extremely adept at all things digital, delivering highly advanced uses of social media; creating standalone apps and other digital messaging; and leveraging the Premier Google Partner status of our sister agency, Healthcare Success.

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Experiential Education for Providers

Connection is key when designing educational activities. We will support your presence at congresses, symposia and other educational events and tailor every aspect to your product’s situation and the practitioner’s needs.

The Aria team is expert not only in maximizing the value of digital and traditional tools, but in delivering the metrics that prove the value.