Specialized Services & Program Offerings for Patients

Increasing Patient Interactions

Aria takes a best practices approach to patient marketing. We stay in tune with your specific goals, while also focusing on the patients’ interests. We understand the importance of delivering value and measurable results through proven approaches—yet we also develop exciting, new, highly innovative ways to make powerful patient connections. Our services include:

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Patient Profiles

Aria has created multi-dimensional patient profiles that fit your patient targets perfectly. We combine clinical, demographic, psychosocial and behavioral aspects in a unique patient profile-builder. These help providers achieve accurate patient selection and help patients self-identify for enhanced product choice.

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Audience Builders™ Patient Acquisition Program

Clinical trial recruitment continues to grow more and more competitive. Our proven patient acquisition techniques can drive eligible patients to your study by incorporating patient input and insights into the recruitment process.

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Digital Ambassadors
and Advocates

Forward-thinking companies recognize the rising value of patient advocates and ambassadors. Aria will:

  • Identify positive influencers
  • Socialize patient success stories
  • Create an ongoing community
  • Help patients make better care decisions

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Experiential Education
for Patients

In patient education and other experiential patient activities, connection is key. Whether engaging with patients electronically, through traditional media, or in person, we always treat each patient as an individual and tailor our efforts to their needs.

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Our proprietary platform synergizes the digital elements physicians need most, all in one effective patient communications product. Through Healthcare Success, our sister agency, Aria clients have direct access to Patient Fetch and can use the platform to cost-effectively connect with their patient audiences.

The Aria team is expert not only in maximizing the value of digital and traditional tools, but in delivering the metrics that prove the value.